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    • Saturday, June 01, 2024
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • 220 S. Marshall St York, PA 17402
    • 13

    INSPIRED MIXED MEDIA with Sue Marrazzo
    6/1, 11-3pm | All levels | $120 MEM / $145 NON-MEM 
    Students will create an original mixed media piece of art with a master artist's work serving as inspiration. Teaching of mixed media techniques, color, design, and a little art history. In this workshop students will finish a-one-of-a-kind mixed-media painting.

    Stretched Canvas (11" x 14")
    Acrylic Gel Medium,

    *Instructor will bring other supplies to share

    Bring a snack for a break.


    • Monday, June 10, 2024
    • Wednesday, June 12, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • 220 S. Marshall St York, PA 17402
    • 8

    LUMINOUS WATERCOLOR with Lynne Yancha
    6/10 - 6/12, 9:30-4pm | Int-Adv | $225 MEM / $250 NON-MEM 

    In this workshop, the focus is on figurative and animal subjects, exploring essential aspects such as power through design, paint application, the significance of light, mystery, and embracing the beauty of mistakes. Lynne introduces the use of white acrylic to enhance details, provides techniques for crafting realistic skin tones, and guides you in combining elements of abstraction and realism in your watercolor paintings. 

    Lynne offers personalized one-on-one sessions, addressing individual needs, and presents demonstrations tailored to each student's requests for a truly enriching artistic experience.

    Join us for an immersive journey where creativity flourishes under Lynne's expert guidance.

    What to expect if you are new to this workshop:

    1. To benefit the most from this workshop, you should have a basic knowledge of watercolor.
    2. You are encouraged to bring your own photograph reference (5x7 or larger and clear) or use one of the references available during the session.
    3. You will work at your own pace - each student will receive individualized instruction.

    4. Don’t worry if your supplies are limited - Lynne will help you get the most out of the materials you have.


    5H Pencil

    Windsor Newton Brushes: Flats- ½”, ¾”, 1” ---- Series 295, Small Rounds: 1 and 2 --- Series 101, Rigger #3

    Arches 300 lb hot press paper (Lynne will have 22x30 on hand to purchase at a cost of $22 per sheet payable to the instructor – if needed) *subject to change

    Paint: Liquitex Heavy Body Titanium White Acrylic

    Watercolor (It is not necessary to purchase every color listed below, but these are my favorites)

    Winsor Newton Professional Watercolors: Davies Grey, Opera Rose, Indian Yellow, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Quinacridone Gold, Permanent Carmine, Indigo, Van Dyke Brown, Permanent Sap Green, Raw Siena, Cobalt Blue

    Rembrandt Watercolors: Alizarin Crimson, Bluish Green, Quinacridone Rust, Sap Green, Van Dyke Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Indigo Blue

    Colors from either brand above: Cadmium Yellow

    M. Graham Paint:

    Any Quinacridone color - My favorite “quin” colors are:

    Quinacridone Rust, Quinacridone Gold

    **Please note: Instructor prefers a cool room, dress appropriately (sweater advised)

    Art Supply Catalogs and Online Supplies 1-800-827-8478 1-800-933-2542 1-800-227-2788

    • Saturday, June 15, 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • 220 S. Marshall St York, PA 17402
    • 6

    ACRYLIC POURING with Ann Benton Yeager
    6/15, 1-4pm | All Levels | $50* MEM / $65*NON-MEM 

    Registration deadline is 6/10 to allow for adequate supply of materials.

    This class is appropriate for the novice to the professional artist, with lasting, impressive results without a paintbrush. Ann will show you how to mix acrylic paint into fluid paint and then how to pour a beautiful piece of art that you will be proud to call your own. There will be demos, along with one-on-one instruction, if needed. Ann guarantees impressive results with this class!

    SUPPLY LIST: *Supply fee of $15.00 due to the instructor at start of workshop.

    • Monday, June 17, 2024
    • Wednesday, June 19, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • 220 S. Marshall St York, PA 17402
    • 8

    All You Ever Wanted To Know About Composition…But Were Afraid to Ask! with Phyllis Disher Fredericks
    6/17-6/19, 9:30-4pm | All Levels | $200 MEM / $225 NON-MEM 

    Is composition a mystery to you? Do you know compositional fundamentals but do not know how to put principle into practice? This three-day workshop will help demystify how to integrate good compositional techniques into your work.

    Through lectures, demonstrations and simple exercises you will learn the “tools” of good composition. Artists working in all mediums and genres are welcome. This course is designed for beginning to advanced students. 


    Supplies in your choice of media. [Oil, Acrylic, Water media, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media]

    Notepad and pen

    A few 9” x 12” surfaces to work on –as per media [canvas panel, watercolor paper, sanded pastel paper, etc.]

    Tracing paper pad - 9”x 12” [as transparent as possible]

    Drawing Pencils 2H,HB, 2B as well as a blue pen or pencil

    Kneaded eraser

    Drawing paper pad - 9” x 12”

    Masking tape


    Photo references – At least three or four 4” x 6”prints of photos that you have taken

    Contact Phyllis Disher Fredericks at 717-683-8426 or via email at

    • Monday, June 24, 2024
    • Wednesday, June 26, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • 220 S. Marshall St York, PA 17402
    • 7

    DRAWING PORTRAITS with Van Pafchek
    6/24-6/26, 10-2pm | All Levels | $175 MEM / $200 NON-MEM 

    This three-day workshop will be focused on drawing the portrait. Students will learn to identify and depict key forms related to the structure and anatomy of the head and upper body as they learn to achieve a likeness of their subject.

    Techniques of sighting, drawing, and shading in the context of the portrait will be discussed and explored. In addition to drawing from a live model and other subjects, class will consist of demonstrations, group and individual critiques, practice exercises, and brief lectures.

    Students of all skill level are welcome, from those who are new to the portrait to those who would like to refine existing portrait drawing skills.

    SUPPLY LIST:         

    -White drawing paper or toned drawing paper (9x12 or larger, medium tooth)

    -Range of graphite pencils (for ex. 2H, HB, 2B & 4B)

    -If using toned drawing paper: A range of charcoal pencils (soft, med, hard)

    -Kneaded eraser (Prismacolor works well)

    -Standard eraser

    -Pencil sharpener or craft knife

    -Optional: White charcoal pencil

    • Friday, July 12, 2024
    • Sunday, July 14, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • 220 S. Marshall St York, PA 17402
    • 12

    QUICK SKETCH PORTRAITS IN WATERCOLOR with Pam Wenger7/12 - 7/14, 9:30-4pm | Int-Adv | $225 MEM / $250 NON-MEM 

    Painting portraits in watercolor can seem like a daunting task, but many of us can’t resist the urge to try it. We may have a loved one who we’d like to paint or we may simply be drawn to the challenge of capturing an interesting character on paper. It’s so easy to “tighten up” our portrait paintings because of our focus on “getting it right”. Painting the “quick sketch” portraits focuses on loosening up that process and working to achieve a more relaxed look that highlights the beauty and freshness of the watercolor medium.

    I will have partially pre-drawn portraits for you to work on as part of our exercises - or you may draw freehand. You will be asked to bring along one or two pre-dawn portraits of your own on watercolor paper. (on approximately 9”x11”paper, head only.) The 3 day format of the workshop will give us time to practice the techniques we are exploring. The references we’ll be working with will cover a wide range of ages and skin tones.

    This workshop will be a combination of demo and hands-on portrait work.*

    During days 1 and 2, you will primarily work from partially pre-drawn portraits that will be provided in the class. You will finish the drawings, but the basics will be there so we can spend the majority of our time painting. (If you prefer to work completely freehand, that is fine.) On day 3, we will work on one or two portraits of your own that you have prepared for the class.

    Tech Tips: Each day we will explore a technology tool to use to help you in your portrait paintings.

    Students should be comfortable with painting in watercolor, but do not need to have experience with portrait painting.

    Here's a sample video of my Quick Sketch painting process:



    Pam Wenger – Quick Sketch Portrait Workshop - 3 Day workshop Supply List and Notes

    • Prepared Drawings - Bring two completed drawings of your own (using your own reference photo) on an (approximately) 9” x 11” sheet of watercolor paper. I’d advise using ‘head and shoulders only’ references to keep the face at a reasonable size. I use Saunders Waterford Hot Press - 200 lb, but I’d suggest using whatever type of paper you normally work with. Bring along the printed reference picture or have it available on your digital device. We will use these on Day 3 of the workshop.

    • Paper - The partially drawn portraits that I provide will be on student grade cold press paper (so it will feel a bit more like hot press)

    • Miscellaneous Supplies - Bring all your usual watercolor supplies: water container, paper towels, board to attach your watercolor paper to, drawing pencils (I just use BIC #2 mechanical pencils), push pins or tape.

    • Optional tech gadget - If you have an iPad or other tablet - please bring it along, since I’ll be demoing several apps. You can also use your digital device as your reference tool since I’ll have the reference photos available online as well as printed. (No problem if you don’t have digital device, though!)

    • Paint and Brushes - Bring your own palette and brushes that you are comfortable with. I’d suggest using no brushes smaller than a #10. I use KingArt Max Round Brushes -very inexpensive and I just grab a new one when I wreck the point. I’ll have some of these for sale at the workshop for those interested.

    • Paint Notes - I use mostly transparent colors. Here’s my color list for those who are interested. Don’t feel you need to buy new colors for the workshop, though. I’ll be bringing a sample sheet for you that has my essential colors. *Alizarin Crimson (I prefer Daniel Smith) *Burnt Sienna (I use Holbein’s Burnt Sienna) Cobalt Blue *Hookers Green Indigo Mineral Violet * Peacock Blue Perylene Maroon *Quinacridone Coral *Quinacridone Magenta Raw Sienna *Vermilion *Winsor Yellow Deep (*Starred items are ones I feel are essential for my portrait work.)

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